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December, 2012!!


Jim Ridl's Blue Corn Enchilada Dreams

Jim Ridl • Terrell Stafford • Donald Edwards • John Benitez


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Donald Edwards, John Benitez, Terrell Stafford, Jim Ridl



Your Cheatin' Heart and Other Works  

About this recording, Jim says:

"Stories given life in a lyrical melody and simple form is what attracts me to classic country music. It is direct with nothing extra. Being an improviser primarily in the jazz idiom, I couldn’t help complicating these treasures of Amercian music at least a little bit.

My arrangement of Your Cheatin’ Heart is to a large extent explored improvisationally. Yet the spirit of Hank Williams is ever present. His song is that powerful.

Tennessee Waltz retains its beauty and melancholy via the lyrical playing of bassist Steve Varner. Despite my restrained orchestral elaborations, I must confess, the heart of the song will forever best be told by a singer with guitar. Less is bess.

Caravan is unplugged.

My originals offer contrast to these standards, hopefully creating an overall enjoyable and welcoming experience for the listener."

Players and Instrumentation:

Jim Ridl - piano and baby piano, Ron Kerber - soprano sax, JD Walter - Voice, Jef Lee Johnson - guitar and mandolin, Steve Varner - bass, Jim Miller - drums


Dreambox Media #DMJ-1080
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jim ridl's door in a field  

About this recording, Jim says:

"The compositions on this recording are a dedication to my father and mother and my upbringing on a farm in western North Dakota. The playing is spare and the compositions are lean yet still convey the complex characteristics of an arduous and often joyous life. The following poetry from the liner notes reveals some this recording's mood.

father, master farmer
bear down, this wind will not deter your quest
tons of steel, the earth resists your plow
yet with such finesse you shape these fields
sun on your hands, guide the wheat high
green meadows waltz a czech song for you

mother, bake bread
sun on your hands
shape this wheat in your golden way
aroma, enchant us and fill us with joy
we forget our woes old and new

(© Jim Ridl)

Players and Instrumentation:

Jim Ridl - piano and synthesizer, Darryl Hall - bass, Mark Walker - drums,
Diane Monroe - violin, Kathy Ridl - viola and accordion, Jeffrey Solow - cello


Dreambox Media #DMJ-1065
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The Jim Ridl Trio LIVE

About this recording, Jim says:

"In this live performance, the focus was freedom to take away the bonds of the studio, where shorter song length is often a preconceived decision and a subconscious restriction. The originals and standards are fully explored allowing the trio ample room for more possibilities in solo and ensemble improvisations."

Players and Instrumentation:

Jim Ridl - piano, Steve Varner - bass, Jim Miller - drums


Dreambox Media #DMJ-1055
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Blues Liberations

About this recording, Jim says:

"These are spontaneous compositions. Essentially, the improvisations began on my piano at home, traveled with me to New York City, and completed themselves on the piano at the studio. With direct purpose, I welcomed “the blues” to the sessions and it presented itself in a variety of ways: simple, complex, gentle, aggressive, sometimes I -IV-V, sometimes not, dissonant, consonant, “out and in,” sparse, terse, thick and thin..."

Players and Instrumentation:

Jim Ridl, piano


Dreambox Media #EAR-1049
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five minutes to madness and joy

About this recording, Jim says:

"This is my first release as a leader. The inspiration for my original compositions draws from the poetry of Walt Whitman, the literature of Cormac McCarthy and the letter of Sullivan Ballou, American Civil War soldier. My arrangements of the classics by Sonny Rollins and John Coltrane take unexpected turns."

Players and Instrumentation:

Jim Ridl - piano, Darryl Hall - bass, Jim Miller - drums


Originally on Synergy Music (#SMCD-80008-2)
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